Life is a journey of many moments that leave Lasting Impressions on our hearts. I consider myself so very fortunate to be able to be a part of many of those moments not only in my life, but in others people's lives. I started this business as a hobby and from there it grew into more than I could ever imagine. I take great pride in my work and the quality of my portraits. Over the years, I have learned many new techniques and skills and my imagination has been opened to a whole new world. Each client is different and it is my goal to capture the expressions and moments that mean the most to them. My family is very important to me and has always been here for me in my journey. Being a mother of five has equipped me to handle challenges, savor the moments, laugh at the little things and to not sweat the small stuff. I am thankful for the gifts that God has given me and enjoy sharing them with others.

If you have a moment in your life that is worth capturing, I hope that you allow me to capture your Lasting Impressions.